Parental Programs. AD LIB Department. 7-day retreat, Work out paternal and maternal programs. The power of blood and power of spiritual connections.

Parental Programs

This is a 7-day retreat in a beautiful quiet location where nothing interferes with deep immersion in the process. The training is designed to work out the paternal and maternal programs. 

Paternal and maternal programs underlie the human mind and consciousness. Connection with parents is by blood, and this is the strongest magical bond in our world. Blood ties do not break, and, therefore, it is necessary to learn how to manage them: to enhance make some connections and to weaken the others.

But besides the power of blood there is also the power of spiritual connections.

For a girl, her father is always the personification of the external world, and her mother – of the internal world. For a boy, the opposite is true: his mother is the power of the outside world, and his father represents the internal world. Here lies the key to problems based not on blood, but on upbringing. This problem has purely psychological roots.

Sometimes family and social programs reinforce each other, and sometimes they overlap and conflict. The goal of this training is to overcome this conflict and to expose the strongest branch by blood or by spirit.

This retreat is designed to reveal many hidden answers to the questions, such as:

  • What determines a certain individual fate?
  • Is being born in a particular family an accident or a pattern?
  • Does the fate of adoptive parents affect a person who was adopted? 
  • Which connection is stronger: by spirit or by blood?
  • Is there a deeper meaning in everything experienced in the past, or is the fate merely toying with us?
  • And many more…

By trying to fit the information from the answers to such questions to their own lives, the participants of the retreat will reveal certain individual abilities that have been blocked due to a simple lack of comprehension of what was going on in their own past.

Duration: 7 full days. 

Admission: Foundation Level 2: Astral Body Basics 4-Day Course

In person participation only, no online option available for this retreat.