Elements Basics

1st Main course of the Elements Department: The Power of Elements.

During 3 days of the Main Course our students:

  • Explore the primary forces of the four elements, familiarise with them and learn to awaken them in their own minds. 
  • Acquire the ability to evoke and manifest the elements through their subtle bodies and their relationship with the chakra structure.
  • Study different states of their consciousness while interaction with different elemental forces
  • Cleanse their astral body with respect to receptivity to the elements until there is an influx of the element power.

Duration: 3 days for 3 hours.

Admission: completed 2nd Main course (4 days) of the Main department (Astral Body) + interview with a Mentor

This course will be available in English soon! Stay tuned!

In order to participate in online group session or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.scool.  

After successful completion of the Main course of the Elements Department it is recommended to study the rest of the modules in the following sequence:

  1. Element of Earth
  2. Element of Fire
  3. Element of Water
  4. Element of Air
  5. Air-Water. The horizontal axis
  6. Fire-Earth. The vertical axis 
  7. The Elements Cross
  8. Basics of Healing