Applicants: How to begin your education?  Teaching process in the Menshikova School, study options, costs and payment methods, fees.  Feedback


Main learning guidelines 

Each student studies independently whether in-person or remotely. Each student follows their own path from the beginning and on, individually. 

Multiple people can not study via one application. 

School’s teaching process 

The teaching process in the school begins with the 1st course of the main department “Liberation of consciousness”. Once the results of the first course are achieved, one can move on to the 2nd course.

Parallel to the study of the 1st and 2nd courses, students can partake in  the workshops  from the “AD Lib” department (except the “Parent programs” workshop)

Абитуриентам. С чего начать обучение? Процесс обу­чения в Шко­ле Меньшиковой, варианты обучения, стоимость и способ оплаты, обратная связь

After completing the 2nd course of the main department and thus moving up the department Tree, one can apply to study in other departments of  their choice, such as: “Elements”, “Runes” or “Tarot”; as well as to partake in the “Parent Programs” workshop.

In order to be admitted to other departments, or to transition to higher courses, one must go through a necessary interview process.

Learning options

Our School allows you  to study independently as well as in groups with teachers:

  1. For independent learning (offline), recordings of the seminars must be purchased at the School’s shop.
  2. For the group learning with a teacher (online), it is necessary to submit an application to the course of your choice  following the “schedule” tab.

Learning options details

Enrollment dates for the courses are shown in the schedule section 

Feedback during the learning process

Independently from the  selected learning option,  it is possible to partake in the regular club lessons; the time and date are shown in the schedule section.

The forum “MAGIC UNITED” has been created for the students of the School. Here you can ask the questions that arise during the learning process, share your opinions with other students, receive answers and additional information from the teachers.

Costs and payment methods

Costs and payment methods

The costs of the recorded seminars (independent study) can be found at the shop for each course, seminar, or book respectively.

Details regarding the costs and payment methods (group study with teacher) will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application submitted through the schedule.

How to begin your education at the School?

The study at the School begins with the first course of the main department “Liberation of consciousness” consisting of 4 main lessons of the basic course + 7 seminars:

To study independently, you may buy the entire course at once or order the seminars separately.

After completing the first course of the main department you can apply for the interview to transition to the second course.

Second course description:

After completing the second course of the main department “Liberation of Consciousness”  you can apply to study in other departments of the school. 

Information  about the courses of interest can be found in the department Tree infographic.

Must-read for all online seminar participants!

Only one matrix tool will be given per each one purchased 1st course admission.

Only students of the Menshikova School are allowed to interview for the transition to the senior courses.

Unofficial materials found on the internet are not accepted as part of the study path.

Useful information:

 Students FAQ 

 Study online

 Memo to students of all departments

 Senior courses transition guidelines

 Interview guidelines 

 Memo to students of the Elements  department

  Memo to students of the Rune department

  How to work with the website and your personal account?

DISCLAIMER: Currently all courses and seminars are available in Russian language only. It is our aim to make the courses available to English speakers in the future. Please stay tuned and follow our English YouTube channel for regularly posted videos.